Lillybuds Brooch Bouquets
are of the highest quality, the perfect family heirloom.

​Lavish (Large) Silvertone Brooch Bouquet, round with detailed handle, prices start at $935.00AU

A highly detailed bouquet made with up to 100 pieces and approximately 12 hours work.

Watch faces, photo frames, worded frames, lockets, 4 way lockets, treasure boxes and other items are available at additional cost.

Buttonholes available to match, prices start at $30.00AU


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Royal Wedding Teardrop Bouquet
Prices start at $975.00AU
Teardrop Cascading Bouquet
Prices start at $995.00AU

Decadent Gold & Black Bouquet 
Prices start at $1125.00AU
Adore Brooch Bouquets 
Silvertone - Prices start at $665.00AU

Goldtone - Prices start at $685.00AU

Image #1. Noble Photography

Images by Lee Bird Photography. 
Special thanks to The Little Big Company.
Lavish Brooch Bouquets
The Petite Brooch Bouquet
Silvertone  - Prices start at $545.00AU
Image by Poison Apple Studios
Image by Poison Apple Studios